Jorge Lima

Hi, I'm Jorge Lima, Vice President of Branding and Communications at Trendiga. Welcome to my site!

Jorge Lima is an award-winning photographer and filmmaker.  Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. As a kid growing up, he always had a vision and an innate ability for the arts. His imagination grew as the family moved to El Salvador and Mexico within three years, giving Jorge a broader view of the world and an enabling the birth of his creativity. Lima decided in high school he wanted to pursue a career in film, and attended Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts. Within two years at Suffolk, Lima immersed himself in film and photography, as his passion was evident with his peers and his professors. To gain a more hands on knowledge of film, Lima decided to transfer to Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida which is one of the most renown and state-of-the-art film schools in the country.

While studying at Full Sail, Lima learned to fine tune his creativity and gain a better understanding of filmmaking and photography. With accelerated courses, sometimes spanning up to 15 hours a day, he graduated within a year and received top honors in his class with the Director’s Course Award. He also earned the opportunity to intern at the American Pavilion/Kodak Student Filmmaker Program during the Cannes Film Festival in 2005, and relished the chance to network with industry professionals and gained invaluable experience as one of a handful of selected students across the country chosen for the program. Lima returned to finish his studies at Full Sail, and directed his debut music video outside of school for Brooklyn, New York based band Calla. He graduated in the fall of 2005 and is currently working on debut film Paths to Freedom, a human rights documentary spanning over two decades on Cuban political prisoners, most notably Huber Matos and Angel De Fana and the stories of their struggles to survive years of beatings, hunger strikes, and torture in Cuba’s La Cabana prison.

As his interest in film grew, so did his passion for photography. With a keen sense of beautiful landscapes and portraits, Lima traveled to Peru in the summer of 2006 where he captured the amazing culture of Pisac and Cuzco. The backdrop of the mountains and villages inspired him to develop spectacular photos of the countryside in a documentary/photojournalistic style.  Lima also has traveled extensively and photographed:  Europe, Scandinavia, China, Mexico, Central and South America.   Giving him a wide range of photojournalism and allowing him to discover new cultures to incorporate into his portfolio. His passion for photography and his appreciation of various cultures in the world has inspired Lima to master his creativity and vision, and lead him to become a winner in the People's Choice Awards hosted by 2010 Px3 de la Photographie, Paris. 

"Px3 is one of Europe's biggest and most prestigious photography competition." - CameraArts Magazine

Jorge Lima's Background

Jorge Lima's Experience

Vice President of Branding and Communications at TRENDIGA

May 2012

We strive in becoming a renown lifestyle brand and fashion authority, delivering exclusive products in quality and value. Having our clientele understand the value behind our brand is a crucial first step. As our world expands with you, your confidence and trust in us will endure in time, propelling us to deliver in-house innovation and driving our label to greater heights. We believe putting our clientele before products is essential to creating a loyal brand. Our online store presence will become a premier lifestyle brand for women worldwide. Our exuberant approach to host events, trunk shows, and pop-up shops will transform our offline presence by offering exclusive products first hand. With fashion evolving, we set out to collaborate with the finest designers, craftsmen, and fashion forecasters to ensure we define the essence of American style. Striking a balance between timeless and modern will help us create collections that express a unique sense of personal style set to inspire future generations.

Vice President and Diamond Alternative Investment Advisor at Rikedom Group

January 2011

Rikedom Inspired by art, travel and hospitality; expresses their endless values and visions of prestige and unique approach to business. We always figured that putting our clientele before products simply made good common sense. We have set out to build the world's first and largest global alliance group to yield the highest quality of diamond and south sea pearl goods. The connections we make for our clientele create a loyal following. We set out to collaborate with the finest designers and craftsmen to ensure notable rarity and beautiful timeless pieces. Today, the company operates as the Rikedom Group having private services for businesses and clientele worldwide, in the Americas, Europe, & Asia.

Production Coordinator at FILM PRESS PLUS

September 2010 - September 2010

? Press scheduling coordinator for award winning filmmakers Directors, Actors and Producers at Venice film Festival FILMS: o 13 ASSASSINS, directed by Takashi Miike o CIRKUS COLUMBIA, directed by Danis Tanovic o ESSENTIAL KILLING, directed by Jerzy Skolimowski o THREE, directed by Tom Tykwer (3)

Director, Social Marketing and Brand Communications at The Film Gallery

May 2010 - September 2010

? Consultant in charged of redesigning and creating new viral website for strong online presence and e-commerce site for distribution ? Translated films Spanish to English

Partner/ Producer at 9-9 ENTERTAINMENT

December 2005 - September 2010

? Paths to Freedom - Documentary - Producer and Director ? Coordinate the hiring of all crew members for production and post-production; negotiate contracts and salaries; establish budgets (both above & below-the-line) for principal photography and post-production (editing, special effects, and sound) ? Oversee all aspects of film development and all stages of production ? Analyzed company's financing needs and worked with management to raise capital. ? Analyzed market share, strategy and demographics data on competitors ? Initiate fundraising, coordinate marketing/distribution relationships & acquisitions o Swagger - "Calla" Music Video o Director/Cinematographer, Camera Operator and Editor

Vice President of Branding and Communications at TRENDIGA

January 2012

Vice President and Diamond Alternative Investment Advisor at Rikedom

January 2011

Director, Social Marketing and Brand Communications at The Film Gallery

January 2010 - January 2010

Production Coordinator at Film Press Plus

January 2010 - December 1999

Partner/Producer at 99% Entertainment

January 2005 - January 2010

Jorge Lima's Education

HRD Antwerp

2011 – 2011

Certified Diamond Grader

Full Sail University

2004 – 2005

Suffolk University

2001 – 2004

Suffolk University

Jorge Lima's Interests & Activities

Marketing, Advertising, Finance, Real Estate, Golf, Tennis, Fishing, Traveling, Photography, Film, Music, Architecture, Beach, City, Culture, and spending time with my family.